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(Music) x (Creativity) -  Limitations = CAYA

CAYA SOUNDSYSTEM has a rich undercurrent stretching back to the mid 1980s, when Operator & Selector Thali was a young girl.  Born into a household of soundsystem that vibration has been carried ever since, leading to the creation of CAYA in 2016. CAYA is the music hub of the COME AS YOU ARE Enterprise , which aims to use the subject of music as an educational, charitable, entertaining and entrepreneurial tool.

Whilst Roots & Culture & Dub were not always the gripping sounds that Thali was attune to, the journey from R & B, Rare Grove, Philly Soul to Ska, Reggae,Lovers Rock, Roots & Culture and finally Dub was inevitable.

Part of CAYAs ethos is to bring together tradition and modernity and therefore the creation of CAYA was not hastily conceived or produced, instead much time and research was invested and many of the great soundsystems in the UK have been hugely helpful in its creation.  Ranging from Peoples Sound, Coxsonne, Channel One, Iration Steppas, V-Rocket, Young Warrior, Jah Ronimo & Cultural Roots.

The main focus of CAYA is to continually support roots, reggae and dub music, bringing with it a feminine touch, in the 21st Century.  It will be a platform for  everyone who truly believes in equality, diversity and righteous music, prevailing a good message in all its events & ventures.

CAYA is a collaborative sound, that aims to inspire.


Reflections of CAYA at 2-

2 Today November 18th 2018 As I reflect upon the last 2 years, I’m feeling so bless. Just getting started. Thank you CAYA for choosing me   Photo by Jerry […]

CAYA turns 2 & makes an Art debut

Demonstrating that Soundsystem doesn’t just belong in one realm, come & experience from a wholesome art perspective as part of a Nation wide Bass Culture event November 9th-22nd

CAYA Black History Month

As part of Sharon Douglas’-Sisters in Sound photo exhibition, catch the exhibition during the month of October at Stratford Library.

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Young Warrior Soundsystem, Notting Hill Carnival After Party, London - August 2016
Rebel RockSoundsystem, Dub Club, Leicester- December 2016
Black Cat Soundsystem, CAYA  Love Liberation Tour, London- January 2017
Jah Lokko Soundsystems- CAYA Love Liberation Tour, Bristol Dub Club - February 2017
Reggae Take Over- CAYA Love Liberation Tour, Nottingham- March 2017
Reggae Soundsystem Corner- CAYA Love Liberation Tour, Northampton- May 2017
Zions Soundsystem-CAYA Love Liberation Tour, Bedford- June 2017
BushRocker HiFi-  Beatherder Festival, CAYA Love Liberation Tour, Lancashire- July 2017
Roots Injection- Bristol Dub Club, Bristol - October 2017
Lets play vinyl-Photo exhibition
Jay Youth Soundsystem- Anniversary Dance, London-November 2017



Music is much more than listening to words, the vibration the frequency our spirit connect in metaphysical ways unseen by the normal eye but felt within our physical bodies. Follow my Research Spiquency as it explores this in more detail. In April catch me at;

Tuesday 3rd April

Museum of Groves  - www.rebelsradion.com


Friday 29th April

Diversity Week-  University of the Arts

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